Visual designer focusing on identity, digital and web design, with background in photography. Allrounder. Experience in various fields and programmes, always eager to learn something new.

Collapse exhibition

Branding and logo design for an exhibition about black holes and the information paradox in Leuven, Belgium. Poster concept with multiple graphics to support the vision of a black hole and what it does to information.

fud truck

Visual identity and UI design concept for a food truck, providing meals only made with local and seasonal ingredients.

SLIDE magazine

Winter outdoor magazine concept about the Triglav National Park in Slovenia. All images used were made by myself during a trip in Kranjska Gora. Planica and Tamar in February 2022.

A technique of producing ideas

Informational poster explaining James Webb Young’s technique for producing ideas visualized by using traffic as an allegory for thoughts and ideas.

Interaction design

Logo Design and Branding Concept for a business, creating unique experiences through interaction design and installations.

Little planets

Little planets was a practice to improve my photoshop skills. I was so satisfied with the outcome, that I decided to make two posters out of it.

Valentina Riedisser

Born 1997 in Graz, Austria, I developed an interest for beautiful visuals early on. In 2020 I finished the Bachelor’s program Information Design and after my graduation I started the Master’s program Interaction Design. I spend two voluntary semesters abroad in Belgium and Slovenia, 2021 and 2022. Photography is one passion of mine. From 2014-2017 I worked as a wedding photographer and still continue to pursue my hobby. During my time at university and before, I did design for companies like Kastner&Öhler, Magna Steyr and AVL List GmbH.

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